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GH Series Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway


High Assembly, Square&Flange Type

GH Series features low friction and temperature during operating, it only requires low driving force to operate and long working service life.


Because of precision production control,GH series any blocks and any rails can be used together while maintaining dimensional tolerance. And  the retainer could prevent the balls from falling out when the blocks are removed from the rail.

●Size from 15 to 65

●Standard square block HGH  and flange block HGW

●Different precision (C,H,P) and preload (Z0,ZA,ZB)classes

●Fixing holes from the bottom are available

●Comprehensive range of accessories,like metal wipers or cover strips

Linear Rail Production Process:

Block Production Process:


● Linear Guide rail and block apply by contact point of rolling system. linear guide has little friction resistance, only a small driving force is needed to move the load.Thus, the frictional resistance is decreased and the accuracy could be maintained for long period than traditional slide system.With these features, a linear guideway can achieve high precision and greatly enhanced moving accuracy.Simtach offers multiple linear guideway series, each featuring different options for sizes, loading capabilities, accuracies, and more.

The GH series linear guide ways are designed with load capacity and high rigidity . The design of GH Linear Guide rail and block features an equal lead rating in all four directions that request sufficient rigidity load in all directions, and self-aligning capability to absorb installation-error.


● The linear guides are widely applied in many innovative applications, including: 3D Printers,CNC router, metal vertical machining in general,analytical and medical instruments, packaging machinery, precision telescope positioning systems, laser cutting machine, security Camera, engravers, image scanners, textile equipment, embroidery machine and robotics etc.