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130mm series two-phase stepper motor may face some common problems in use

January 31,2024

The following are some possible problems and their possible solutions

1. Out-of-step problem:

Possible causes: motor overload, improper current setting, driver failure, excessive mechanical load, etc.
Solution: Check the mechanical load and reduce the load appropriately; Adjust current Settings; Check whether the driver and power supply are normal; Ensure that the stepper motor operates within the specified ambient temperature and voltage range.

2. Excessive fever:

Possible causes: Overload, current setting is too high, or ambient temperature is too high.
Solution: Reduce the load and adjust the current setting appropriately; Improve heat dissipation and ensure environment ventilation.

3. Vibration and noise:

Possible causes: mechanical structure problems, stepper motor resonance, drive mismatch, etc.
Solution: Optimize the mechanical structure, reduce the resonance point; Replace the appropriate driver; Adjust the microstep setting of the stepper motor.

4. The temperature rises too fast:

Possible causes: High load, high speed, high ambient temperature.
Solution: Reduce the load; Reduce operating speed; Make sure the environment is well ventilated.

5. Drive alarm:

Possible causes: The power supply is abnormal, the signal cable is faulty, and overcurrent protection is performed.
Solution: Check whether the power supply is stable; Check whether the signal cable is well connected; Adjust current Settings appropriately.

6. Accuracy problem:

Possible causes: mechanical transmission component wear, improper step Angle setting, drive performance problems.
Solution: Regular inspection and replacement of worn mechanical components; Adjust the micro-step setting of the stepper motor; Replace a high-performance drive.

7. Motor cannot start:

Possible causes: Power failure, connection problem, stepper motor failure, etc.
Solution: Check whether the power supply is normal; Check the connection line; Try replacing the stepper motor.

8. Poor environmental adaptability:

Possible cause: Bad environment is not taken into account.
Solution: Choose the stepper motor model with high environmental adaptability, and take measures such as dust, water and shock resistance.
When addressing these issues, it is recommended to first carefully examine each possible cause and rule it out one by one. If the problem persists, more in-depth troubleshooting and repair by professionals may be required.