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Cross roller guide rail

September 20,2022

The common precision cross guide rail is composed of two guide rails with V-shaped raceway, holding frame, rolling bodies, etc. The rolling bodies with cross damping devices move back and forth on the V-shaped raceway surface through precision grinding, and the electric sliding table can accept loads from all directions to complete high-precision and stable linear movement.

In the cross guide rail of SIMTACH, the roller holder which combines precision rollers with each other is used in combination with the 90°V-shaped groove rolling surface arranged on the special guide rail. By assembling two rows of roller guide rails in parallel, the guide rail system can bear loads in four directions. In addition, since pre-pressure can be applied to the cross roller guide rail, a sliding mechanism with no clearance, high rigidity and light action can be obtained. And has the following characteristics:
1. Long service life and high rigidity: the effective contact length of the rollers is increased by 1.7 times compared with the traditional products by using the unique roller holding method, and the rigidity is increased by 2 times due to the shortened pitch interval of the rollers and the large number of rollers, so that the service life can be increased by 6 times.
2. Smooth movement. In the crossed roller guide, each roller is separated and held by a cage, and because the rollers in the cage are in surface contact and have excellent lubricating oil retention, there is little wear and smooth rolling motion.
3. High corrosion resistance. Cross roller guides provide stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance.

Application field:

Like linear guideway, cross guideway is one of the important transmission accessories in mechanical equipment, and its accuracy is also high, even higher than that of linear guideway. Therefore, many designers consider using cross guideway when designing. So where is this cross guideway used?

The application range of the cross roller guide rail is relatively wide, including but not limited to the slide part of the crystal fixing machine, dispensing equipment, automation equipment, OA machine and its peripheral machines, measuring device, printed substrate punching machine, precision machine, optical tester, optical workbench, operating mechanism, X-ray device, etc., the sample loading motion system of inspection equipment, CT examination bed, X-ray machine and other medical equipment, etc. Of course, there are a lot of mechanical equipment that need similar guide rails, and the development of science and technology continues to grow. In the future, there will be more and more application markets of cross guide rails.

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