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Dust Proof Accessories of Linear Guide

December 26,2023

Impurities such as sticky dust and cutting chips on the guide rail have a disastrous impact on the normal use and life of the linear guide.

Because in the harsh working environment, the brush or scraper is difficult to avoid dust, cutting chips and other impurities into the linear guide slide. The impurities entering the inside of the slide will increase the force on the ball, thus aggravating the wear of the ball, which not only affects the smoothness and accuracy of the motion transmission of the linear guide.

SIMTACH provide the dust proof accessories to protect the slide lifetime ,reduce the dust come into the slide as much as possible.Such as kit ZZ , DD ,KK according different applications.


In order to improve the dust proof effect,SIMTACH has devoted to the research and development with high dust proof slide . Constantly test the dusty ability in own laboratory , constantly improve the accessories quality . Ensure to provide more performance and valuable products to the user.