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Function and characteristics of linear guide rail

September 02,2022

The function of linear motion is to support and guide the moving parts, and do reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. What basic functional characteristics does the linear guide have?

The linear guide rail has the following three basic functional characteristics:

(1) it is the movement guidance of the carrier.
(2) Provide the bearing body with a lubricated moving surface.
(3) Transmit the force generated by the movement of the train or the cutting of the machine tool to the foundation or the bed, so as to reduce the depth of the impact of the resulting impact on passengers and forced parts processing.
Most of the movements along the guide rail system are linear movements, and a few of them are arc movements. The emphasis here is on the linear guide rail system. Of course, many performance parameters of linear guideway can be directly used with curved guideway.
Why is the guide rail called “system”? This is because the operation of the guideway system includes several components used together with it. The most basic components are a moving component and a fixed component. There are various ways of moving elements, which will be introduced in detail in the future. The fixed elements are usually track-type, which guarantees the accuracy of the guide rail. If the guide rail twists and turns, the moving elements or sliding elements will lose their accurate guidance.

Characteristics of linear guide rail (linear guide rail)

1. Self-aligning ability
When the DF (45-45) combination from the arc groove is installed, even if the installation surface is somewhat deviated, it can be absorbed by the inside of the rail slide block by the elastic deformation of the steel ball and the transfer of the contact point, resulting in the effect of self-aligning ability and high-precision and stable smooth movement.
2. It is interchangeable.
Because the manufacturing precision is strictly controlled, the dimension of the linear guide rail can be maintained at a certain level, and the slide block is designed with a retainer to prevent the steel ball from falling off, so some series of precision are interchangeable. Customers can order the guide rail or slide block according to their needs, or store the guide rail and slide block separately to reduce the storage space.
3. High rigidity in all directions.
Using four rows of circular arc grooves and four rows of steel balls at 45-degree contact angles, the steel balls can reach the ideal two-point contact structure, and can bear the loads from up and down and left and right directions; If necessary, preloading can be applied to improve the rigidity.

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