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How to choose the ball screw?

December 20,2022

Because of its unique performance characteristics,ball screw can transform rotary motion into linear motion, which is widely used in CNC machine tools. In addition, ball screw products have the advantages of high rigidity, long service life, simple maintenance and strong reversibility. However, in order to ensure that the all-round product can bring the ideal use effect, users should also master certain selection methods and skills when making choices.

Selection method and skill of ball screw

1, the choice of nominal model
Nominal model selection mainly refers to the nominal diameter and lead of the screw. At the beginning of the design, the main basis is the technical requirements of machine tools including load, fast moving speed, etc. After the preliminary selection of the screw model, calculation and check are needed. Only when the calculation results meet the requirements can the final shape be finalized.
2. Selection of lead accuracy
The accuracy of screw will greatly affect the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools. Among the precision parameters of screw, the most obvious influence on the positioning accuracy of machine tool is the lead error. The accuracy of screw is mainly divided into 7 grades, and grade 1 is the highest precision, decreasing in turn.
3. Supporting methods
In addition to the above-mentioned nominal model and lead accuracy, it is also necessary to determine the support mode. Generally, in the design of CNC machine tools, there are many ways to support the screw, and the corresponding characteristics are also different, so users need to choose according to the actual use requirements.

The above is about sharing the selection methods and skills that we need to master when choosing ball screws. Choosing ball screw products according to the above three points can quickly select the ball screw products that meet your use requirements.

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