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How to maintain the grind ball screw ?

December 07,2022

Grind ball screw as a high accuracy products , the quality , life and precision is very important for the CNC machine. So the maintain is necessary during the using.

Ball screw assemblies are delicate components.

Therefore,extra care must be taken to prevent the ball track from damages that caused by edged component or tools.
Meanwhile, to prevent steel ball fall out of the nut through the disassembly of screw and nut or over stroke, please be careful while operating.

If disassemble is required, please use a transfer pipe which has minor diameter than the screw diameter to transfer the nut to prevent falling out of the steel balls.

Try to avoid iron chips, dust, impurities and other foreign matter come into the ball screws. It may cause damage or precision loss.

The screw life and noise tend to be directly affected when offset load phenomenon occurs, And it would usually be accompanied with hand feel of rough running.
As the smoothness of single shaft and assembled ball screw might be different. In addition to single shaft’s accuracy, the offset phenomenon was mostly occurred by failed assemble accuracy.

Adequate lubrication must be provided when ball screw is used, insufficient lubrication will result in collision of metal, which leads to increase of friction and detrition, thus cause failure or shortening the service life.

Lithium base grease is selected for grind ball screw.

In case of high speed and heavy load, please use special lubricating oil or forced cooling measures when using at high speed and heavy load