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How to maintain the stepping motor?

January 07,2023

It is inevitable that there will be wear and tear in the use of stepping motor , so it is very necessary to get continuous maintenance at this time, and so is stepping motor. Usually, the reducer is equipped with three-phase asynchronous motor, but the stepping motor and asynchronous motor are different in some ways. Let’s take a look.

Both motors are special motors, which can control the speed accurately. But the principle of speed control is different: the servo motor adopts closed-loop control, that is, the speed of the motor is measured in real time; The stepping motor adopts open-loop control. When the pulse stepping motor is input, it turns a certain angle, but its speed is not measured. In addition, the servo motor has a large starting torque, that is, it starts quickly.

 The rated speed can be achieved in a short time.

It is suitable for frequent starting and stopping and has the requirement of starting torque. At the same time, the power of servo motor can reach great, and it is widely used in production. Stepping motor starts slowly and goes through the process from low frequency to high frequency. Stepper motors generally do not have overload capacity, while servo motors have strong overload capacity. Although they are both advanced motors, there are still great differences in performance. Of course, there are other differences that need to be explored. I recommend you to know about the motor principle, starting mode, starting characteristics, overload characteristics, braking mode and control method, and perhaps you are very clear about both.

Stepping motor is an open-loop control motor, which converts electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. It is the main executive component in modern digital program control system and is widely used. Do you know the maintenance of stepping motor?

Guide to Daily Maintenance of Stepping Motors

1. When removing the motor, the rotor can be taken out from the end or non-end of the shaft.
2. The operating environment of stepping motor should always be kept dry, the surface of the motor should be kept clean, and the air inlet can not have obstacles such as dust and fibers.
3, motor thermal protection action, should find out the fault caused by motor overload, or because the setting value of protection device is too low, after troubleshooting, can be put into operation.
4. When the life of the stepping motor bearing is over, the vibration and noise of the motor operation will increase obviously. If the radial clearance of the bearing reaches the following value, the bearing should be replaced immediately.
5. When replacing the coil, you must write down the form, size, turns and wire gauge of the original coil. When the data is lost, you should ask the manufacturer for it. Changing the original design coil at will will often make some or some performances of the motor decline or even become unusable.

Read so many stepping motor maintenance strategies carefully, I believe you will get good results from them.

Although both stepping motor and servo motor belong to motor series, they are so different in maintenance. In order to maintain the motor well, you must have certain professional knowledge.