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LBV cross roller guide is a linear guide system widely used in industrial automation and precision machinery equipment

February 04,2024

It has a range of features that make it excellent in a variety of applications.


Cross roller design: The LBV rail uses a cross roller design, a unique construction that allows it to provide superior high load capacity and rigidity. This makes LBV guides ideal for handling large and heavy loads.

High precision and repeatability of positioning: The high precision manufacturing process of LBV guides ensures excellent positioning performance. In applications that require frequent movement and accurate positioning, LBV guides perform well, providing excellent repeatable positioning performance.

Low noise and smooth motion: The optimized track design and roller system enable smooth, low noise linear motion of the LBV rail. This is essential for applications where motion smoothness and noise levels are required.

Various sizes and specifications: LBV guides are available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit the needs of different applications. This flexibility enables users to select the most suitable model for their specific project requirements.

Pollution and corrosion resistance: The guide rail uses a special dust and seal design, making it more resistant to pollution and corrosion. This enables LBV guides to maintain high performance in harsh operating environments.

Application field:

Machine tools and CNC machinery: LBV guides are widely used in machine tools and CNC machinery, ensuring the stability and accuracy of these equipment in high-speed, high-precision movement.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment: In the semiconductor industry, LBV guides provide a high degree of accuracy and reliability, ensuring the stable operation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Laser cutting machines and welding equipment: Due to their high load capacity and rigidity, LBV guides are widely used in equipment that requires precise movement, such as laser cutting machines and welding equipment.

Electronic manufacturing equipment: suitable for all kinds of electronic manufacturing equipment requiring high precision positioning, such as printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing equipment.

Automated production lines: In automated production lines, LBV cross roller guides are a key component of linear motion, providing efficient and stable motion support.


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