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SCR series ball screw type common problems and solutions

January 18,2024

Ball screws play a vital role in mechanical systems, however, they can face some common problems.

The following are some common problems of SCR series ball screw type and corresponding solutions:

1. Ball screw movement is not smooth or stuck:

Possible causes: Ball screws may be affected by dirt, dust, or insufficient lubrication.
The solution: Clean the ball screw regularly to ensure that its surface is clean, while using the appropriate lubricant.

2. Excessive noise of ball screw:

Possible causes: Ball screws may be affected by damage, imbalance, or improper lubrication.
Solution: Check that the ball screw is balanced, replace the damaged parts, and use the appropriate lubricant.

3. Loose ball screw or loose

Possible cause: The supporting parts of the ball screw may be damaged or improperly installed.
Solution: Check the support parts to make sure they are intact and installed correctly

4. High temperature rise of ball screw

Possible cause: Friction or excessive load during ball screw operation may lead to temperature rise.
Solution: Reduce the load, use more efficient lubricants, or consider cooling with cooling equipment.

5. The life of ball screw is short:

Possible causes: Prolonged high load operation, insufficient lubrication, or material fatigue may lead to shortened life.
The solution: Optimize the load, lubrify regularly and choose high quality ball screws to extend the service life.

6. The axis of the ball screw is unstable:

Possible cause: Improper installation, insufficient support, or external force impact may lead to shaft instability.
Solution: Reinstall the ball screw to ensure adequate support and prevent external impact.

7. Screw thread damage of ball screw:

Possible causes: Thread damage may result from prolonged use, excessive load, or improper maintenance.
Solution: Periodically check the threaded part and replace the damaged ball screw.
Most of the common problems of the SSL series ball screw type can be avoided by regular maintenance and attention to health. Timely solutions can ensure the long-term efficient operation of ball screws.