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What to do if the linear guide rail is rusty and difficult to maintain?

February 15,2023

As a metal material, linear guide rail is easy to rust, and it is difficult to maintain after rust, so what should we do? The following are some tips on the maintenance of linear guide rail rust, which I hope can provide you with reference.

Linear Guide

1. It can greatly shorten the downtime, keep the straight rail in the state of moving and working, and prevent rust by improving the use frequency and efficiency.

2. If the pure quantity of linear guide can be strictly controlled, it would be better. As long as the pure quantity is within the specified range, the service life is generally longer. At the same time, it would be perfect if it could reduce the interference of noise on the linear guide.

3. When working in a high-speed environment, the temperature rise speed of the motor should be reduced as much as possible, and the motor should not be subject to oil shedding. If the power consumption can be reduced, it would be better to protect the motor.

4. If you want to clean them, the removed components should be classified as far as possible, because different components can be cleaned in different ways, such as fine cleaning and coarse cleaning. At the same time, you should also pay attention not to put the linear guide rail in the container separately, but first use the metal mesh as a buffer, so that the components do not contact the unclean substances in the container.

5. If it works at low temperature, it is very good to ensure the flexibility of starting and working of the linear guide rail in advance. At the same time, it is also necessary to maintain the output power to a small extent in low temperature environment.

6. Keep the environment as clean as possible when using it. If the surrounding can be clean, so that fine dust does not enter the space near the linear guide rail, the wear probability can be greatly reduced, and vibration and noise can also be reduced.

In a word, the maintenance of linear guide rail needs patience and perseverance. The above points can prevent rust well, and can also play a better role in maintenance.


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