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Type sa Belt Linear Actuator

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● Precision: ± 0.1mm

● Stroke:200~4000mm

● Load:2~10 kg(Vertical)

● 30~50kg (Horizontal)

● Speed:900~2500mm/s


● Linear actuators with different guide configurations and drives, available with belt, screw drives according to different needs in terms of precision and speed, for different load capacities and critical environments.Simtach linear actuators are perfectly design to be simple both to installation and use, providing these linear actuators with a very high load-bearing capacity.Precision linear actuators are used in automation and positioning in industries, which are made to fit different applications where horizontal ,vertical movement multi-point.


● The linear actuator is ideal for the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment, LED examination equipment, semiconductor,photovoltaic ,3C, automatic industrial ,medical and inspection equipment, etc


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