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Ang istatistika sa pamaligya sa China sa una nga quarter

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We are facing a global crisis in 2020, the COVID-19 affects humankind health, life, and the economy.
But at this time, there are lots of new choices coming up. For example, online exhibition with VR booth, video introduce factory and process. Meanwhile, the medical business rise quickly.

Well, First let’s look at China’s trade statistics in the first quarter :

1. The export value↓11.4%, Import value↓0.7%

2. ASEAN has replaced the EU as China's largest trading partner

3. Mechanical and electrical products are the first category of export. 

Export Value 1.95 trillion RMB, 58.5% of the total export.
We can see from the data that the market started to recover in March.

4. Government holding the currency exchange for export business; reduction of interest, discount coupon to contributing to economic growth

China acted to respond to the crisis quickly and decisively. The Chinese market demands are picking up.

Back in the home market of the automation industry, over 3000 mask factories need the machine accessories. Actually, the bearing, shaft, bushing, rail, and motors factory busy and full production during the tough time. Keep our Passion !

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