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Giunsa pagtrabaho ang ball screw?

Oras: 2021-08-18 Mga Hits: 284

    The working method of a ball screw is similar to that of a traditional screw, but the significant advantage of using a ball screw is that it uses a ball bearing running in a spiral channel to transfer the load. In high-precision applications, it is usually necessary to convert the rotary motion of the motor into the linear motion of the payload. One way to achieve this is to use a ball screw.



    The ball bearing in the ball screw similarly rolls along the track to the ball bearing in the standard rotating ball raceway, thus eliminating the sliding friction associated with the screw. The ball bearings circulate continuously through the ball nuts to distribute the load and obtain lubrication along the way. Due to the use of rolling ball bearings in the ball screw, the internal friction is very low, which means that the ball screw can provide a high level of efficiency and positioning accuracy even under high torque and force loads.


    Ball screws can be very complex and high-precision equipment, which means they are sometimes slightly more expensive compared to typical screws. This is because manufacturing them requires complex processing and assembly techniques. However, if your application requires a ball screw, the higher performance usually exceeds the cost.

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