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Ngano nga magpili usa ka AC servo motor?

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Ngano nga magpili usa ka AC servo motor?

AC servo motor has below advantages:

1.Precision control

Precision depends on its own optical encoder, the more the scale of the encoder, the higher the precision

2. Strong overload capacity

3.Torque-frequency characteristics

Constant torque output at rated speed, constant power output at rated speed

4. Low frequency characteristics

The operation is very smooth, even at low speed will not appear vibration phenomenon

5. Operation performance

AC servo drive system is closed-loop control, the driver can directly sample the feedback signal of the motor encoder, and the internal structure of position ring and speed ring, generally there will be no step loss or overshot of the stepper motor, the control performance is more reliable

6.Speed response performance

AC servo system has good acceleration performance, usually only a few milliseconds, can be used for rapid start and stop control occasions.

SIMTACH AC servo motor and drive kit supports 485 communication function ug ang EtherCat communication function

They offer more energy efficiency, better performance ,high speed response for automatic assembly equipment, laser cutting, CNC machine tool and etc.

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